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Commendations and complaints against police

The Western Australia Police strives to provide the highest level of police service to our community. Policing is a difficult and complex job in today's society and we realise that mistakes can be made and that the actions of our personnel may fall short of your expectations.

At other times the service provided will meet or exceed your expectations and you may wish to commend a police officer or employee.

Making a commendation

In order to continue to provide quality service to the community, we need your assistance. We value our employees and any recognition of their good work and efforts is greatly appreciated.

WA Police welcomes constructive feedback on the performance of our employees so that we can continue to provide or improve the level of service provided to you. We encourage you to let us know when we get it right and recognise excellence in the quality of service you receive from our employees.

If you wish to commend the actions of a police officer or any of our employees, you may do so by writing a letter to the Officer in Charge of the police station in your area, or to the Commissioner of Police.

Alternatively, you can complete an 'online Commendation form'

Making a complaint

To make a complaint about WA Police, you are encouraged to complete the online complaint form or contact your nearest police station or district office in person, by telephone, or in writing. Depending on the issues that you raise, police may be able to resolve the complaint to your satisfaction or it may require further investigation.

If you are making a complaint 'online' a receipt of your complaint will be acknowledged by return email.

If you are making a written complaint make sure you keep a copy of the letter you send. If you are making a report by telephone record the time, date and the name of the person you spoke to and what they agreed to do.

Helpful information to assist an enquiry includes:

  • date, time and location of the incident
  • brief description of the incident
  • name and badge number of the member(s) involved
  • name, address and telephone number of any witnesses and
  • vehicle registration or designation numbers of police vehicle/s involved.

Making a false complaint or creating a false belief may be an offence under the Criminal Code or the Corruption and Crime Commission Act.

A complaint can be made:

  • by telephone or in person to any police station or district office
  • by completing the online complaint form
  • by calling Police Complaints on (08) 92231000 or

    In writing to:

    Police Complaints 
    10th Floor
    Septimus Roe Square
    256 Adelaide Terrace
    Perth WA 6000
    Email Police Complaints


    Corruption and Crime Commission
    PO Box 7667
    Cloisters Square
    St Georges Terrace
    Perth WA 6850

How will my complaint be dealt with?

The process applied to the complaint will depend on the nature of the alleged conduct and issues involved. WA Police will seek to resolve/address your complaint in the following manner: (1) through assessment, explanation or direct response (law, policy and procedure); (2) by resolution / conciliation through our local complaint resolution process; or (3) by formal investigation for matters assessed as being of a more serious nature.

Assessment, explanation or direct response

On receipt of your complaint an assessment of the information provided will be undertaken at the District level or by the Police Complaints.

Where an allegation of misconduct or inappropriate behaviour is identified this will result in the matter being referred for investigation via our Local Complaint Resolution or Formal Investigation process.

Where the assessment does not identify misconduct, a breach of the WA Police Code of Conduct or relates purely to a service delivery issue, then we may be able to successfully resolve the matter by way of explanation (law, policy, procedure, status of task or current inquiry) by direct response.

Minor complaint (Local Complaint Resolution)

The Local Complaint Resolution process is designed to resolve the complaint between you and the police personnel involved at a local level. The process facilitates and encourages discussion between those involved and attempts to conciliate and resolve all of the issues identified.

An assigned resolving officer will clarify what the specific issues are and ascertain what outcome you are seeking. The process is designed to ensure that an appropriate investigation is undertaken, officer/s concerned are interviewed and that the complaint is resolved in a timely manner between the parties.

Our aim is to resolve these minor complaint matters within 30 days. When completed you will receive written advice of the outcome.

Serious complaints (Formal Investigation)

Formal investigations are undertaken by appointed investigators who are empowered to conduct video/audio interviews, take statements, interview witnesses and gather all relevant evidence to prove or disprove allegations of a complaint.

Investigations of this nature usually take longer to complete and during the investigative process you are entitled to contact the investigator and seek advice as to the status of the inquiry.

Our aim is to resolve serious complaints within 60 days, however, some complaints due to the nature or seriousness of the allegation, may take longer.

When completed, you will receive written advice of the outcome.

Complaint outcomes

At the conclusion of the investigation recommendations may include that the complaint was either: sustained; not sustained; unfounded; or exonerated (did occur but was justified/lawful).

Where a complaint is sustained, measures that may be instigated include: remedial/developmental action under the WA Police Managerial Intervention Model; Discipline charge/s under Police Force Regulations, Criminal charge, Commissioner's Loss of Confidence (potential dismissal); and changes to Police policy, procedures and guidelines.

Corruption and Crime Commission

Complaints made about WA Police employees are subject to external review and/or audit by the Corruption and Crime Commission (CCC).

Should you not be satisfied with the outcome or the manner in which your complaint was handled you can raise your concerns with the CCC who may take further action or refer the matter back to police for consideration of further investigation.

More information:

About the WA Police Complaints.

Brochure: Making a complaint about the police (PDF, 346kb)

Corruption and Crime Commission
PO Box 7667
Cloisters Square
St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6850

Ground Floor
186 St Georges
Terrace Perth 6000
Tel: 9215 4888

State Ombudsman
Tel: 9220 7555
Country callers 1800 117 000

Equal Opportunity Commission
Tel: 9216 3900
Country callers 1800 198 149


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