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The WA Police website has been designed to be as accessible to as many users as possible, including:

  • people with disabilities who may use assistive technologies
  • those with slower internet connections
  • rural and regional users
  • those with hand held devices and mobile phones.

The accessibility features available on this site include:

You can request any document available on the website, by using the contact us form, in an alternate format.

Text resizing

You can increase the size of the text on this website (if javascript is enabled) by using the ‘A+’ button located at the top right of the page, just above the search box on each page.

 Resize text buttons

An alternative you can use to make the text larger or smaller on this site, or on any website, is to change the settings on your computer – within your browser. To find out how to change the text size on any website and in some instances the colours used on a website visit or see the ‘help’ option of your preferred browser.

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Printing a webpage

All pages on this website can be printed, using the 'Printer friendly version' button that is located at the bottom of each page or simply use the print function of your browser to print whichever page you like. The print function is usually located under the file menu of your browser window.

Throughout the web site, every page is printer friendly. When a web page is printed, it will only print the title of the page, the location of the page as well as the content. Navigation menus are automatically removed for your convenience to improve readability on paper.

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The following is a list of software that you may need to read the documents and files on this web site. Please note that in most cases you are not required to install anything as most computers are capable of reading the documents and files on this website.

PDF Documents

Microsoft PowerPoint Presentations

Microsoft Excel Documents

Microsoft Word Documents

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Using the site

External links and documents

All external links and links to all documents on this website open in a new window.


Search this site function

Search the web site to find what you want directly with keywords. You may also search Whole of Government from this point by clicking on the WA of Government search.


Website breadcrumb

Helps you to determine the location of the page that you are viewing at the time.

Java script and other programming languages

As with many web sites, javascript forms an important part in the range of tools used to develop this web site. Javascript is enabled by default in all web browsers and is essential for many web sites.

Our web site can still be accessed if you have Javascript turned off but please be aware that some facilities may be unavailable if you do not have Javascript enabled in your web browser.

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Using a screen reader

Activate a screen reader built into your computer's operating system

Windows XP - Narrator (built into accessories).

To turn on: Start menu / programs / accessories / accessibility / narrator OR Windows key + U

Apple OSX - Voiceover (built into utilities). Note: Voiceover works on Safari only. Global dropdown submenus don't read.

To turn on: Command(Apple key) + F5

To set preferences: System Preferences / Universal Access

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Web translator [© Google]

Please use the following links to translate the WA Police website via Google:

Important note: WA Police is not responsible for the effectiveness of the Google translator tool. 

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