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Indigenous communities

WA Police acknowledges that historically there have been areas of inequity in the protection and services provided to Aboriginal people.

We are committed to working with Aboriginal people to build strong and trusted partnerships that address local needs.

WA Police acknowledges that great diversity exists among Aboriginal people and communities, and recognises individual and local needs. Police respect local cultural traditions where the practise of those traditions is within the law and does not put the safety of individuals at risk.

Officers work in partnership with Aboriginal people to develop strategies that increase safety and security, as well as agencies and service providers to support the development of safe, strong and sustainable communities.

As an equal opportunity employer we recognise the value of, and promote, a diverse workforce. By attracting and retaining Aboriginal people, we create an agency that is better equipped to meet the needs of the community.

Reference: Strategic Policy on Service Delivery to Aboriginal People (PDF 259kb)

This document is available in an alternative format on request.

Aboriginal Corporate Development Unit

The Unit coordinates information, programs and advice on Aboriginal issues impacting on WA Police.

Our role includes:

  • Facilitating communication between police and Indigenous communities.
  • Encouraging Indigenous people to seek employment with the WA Police.
  • Identifying and responding to the needs of Indigenous people.
  • Contributing to developing police knowledge, practices and services of the WA Police to ensure Indigenous people are not disadvantaged in accessing police services or discriminated in any way.

Language and communication services

Other than the Kimberley area of WA there is no specific Aboriginal Interpreter Service. For assistance in the far North, the Kimberley Interpreter Service can be contacted on:

Kimberley Interpreter Service
Tel: (08) 9192 3981
Mob: 0439 943 612
Email us

Where to get help

Anyone with concerns, should firstly contact their local Diversity Officer for assistance via local police on 131 444.

Contact the Aboriginal Development Unit if you do not wish to make a formal complaint but just feel like talking through an issue. All contact is dealt with discreetly.

Reporting racially motivated crime

If you are the victim of racially motivated unlawful behaviour or need help, call police on 131 444 (24 hours) or the State Security Investigation Group on (08) 9370 7394 (business hours).

Contact the Aboriginal Corporate Development Unit

Aboriginal Corporate Development Unit
3rd Floor
WA Police Headquarters
2 Adelaide Terrace, Perth
Tel: (08) 9222 1510, (08) 9222 1576

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