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Record of Traffic Infringement Notices

A Record of Traffic Infringement Notices is a five year history of an individual’s Western Australian traffic infringements resulting from red light cameras, fixed speed cameras, multanovas and hand written notices.

Application requirements

Applications will only be accepted by individuals or their authorised representatives and must meet the following requirements to be processed.

Applicant Definition Requirements
  • Person to which the record relates
  1. Completed application form.
  2. A copy of photo identification (driver’s licence, passport).
  3. Payment.
Authorised representative
  • Solicitor  
  1. Completed application form or written application on company letterhead.
  2. Letter of consent signed by involved party authorising the release of information.
  3. Payment.
Personal representative
  • Parent / guardian (where involved party incapable of applying)
  • Administrator
  • Executor
  • Power of attorney
  1. Completed application form or written application.
  2. Documentary proof of representation (e.g. court order).
  3. A copy of photo identification of representative (driver’s licence, passport).
  4. Payment.

Application process

For individuals located in Western Australia, the quickest way to apply is to attend a police station. Applications will be processed over the counter. Please note applications from representatives will not be accepted at a police station.   

Alternatively, a printable form can be downloaded, completed by hand and posted to:

Information Release Centre
Locked Bag 35
Perth Business Centre   WA   6849

Applications will be processed within five business days. Please allow additional days for postage.


Fees for a Record of Traffic Infringement Notices can be found here.

Additional information

For assistance with your application, please contact the Information Release Centre on (08) 9260 7777 or email us


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