Erica Silwood

Meet Inspector Superintendent Erica Silwood from the Wheatbelt District Office.

John short - Erica’s great, great grandfather who was the Chief Constable of Exeter in England from 1893 to 1901
John Short - Erica’s great, great grandfather.

Policing is in Erica’s blood going all the way back to her great, great grandfather who was the Chief Constable of Exeter in England from 1893 to 1901.

Erica commenced her policing career with Queensland Police Service at 18 years of age. There were very few women around at that time. Erica recalls she was only 1 of 3 women to graduate in a school of 25 recruits, and was then posted to a metropolitan station consisting of 140 officers – just 3 of them women – which she says had its unique challenges.

Since joining the WA Police Force, Erica has taken on a number of roles, including regional postings within the Kimberley and Wheatbelt as well as metropolitan stations. “I have enjoyed every day that I have been a police officer. Even today, I get up and I think ‘this is exciting’ we are going to be doing something different; something I have never done before. That’s the thing with policing, every day is something different, something interesting.”

Erica Silwood on her graduation day with WA Police
Erica on her graduation day with the WA Police Force.

Erica has championed the WA Police Force celebrations of women in policing, especially in the Wheatbelt District. Recognising the importance of strong role models in her own career, such as friend and work colleague Assistant Commissioner Michelle Fyfe, Erica strives to provide the same support to her own staff – both male and female. “You cannot achieve greatness by yourself and at the end of the day, being part of a team or leading a team that has had a great result is very rewarding.”

“I wouldn’t want any other job. I believe that if I won the lotto tomorrow, I would still come to work and perform my duty as a police officer. There’s nothing better.”

Erica Silwood with Assistant Commissioner Michelle Fyfe
Erica with Assistant Commissioner Michelle Fyfe.