Julie Lacey

Meet Police Auxiliary Officer Julie Lacey. She joined the WA Police Force in 2014 after being a full time mum and housewife and a part time office manager for the previous 20 years.

"I joined the WA Police Force because my girls had grown up into their mid-teens and luckily for me they reflected the huge amount of time and effort I had put into moulding them into outstanding citizens for the previous 20 years.  

It was now time to invest in myself and my hopes and dreams. I had the dream for many years to be an officer, but family and children were my priority at the time. Three years ago, it became MY time."

Julie was based at the Perth Watch House for two years and has spent the last year at Fremantle Police Station. She had the opportunity to do a stint up in Karratha which she absolutely loved as it involved not only running the custody and lockup area but also running the Karratha Court. 

"The day I flew into Karratha town to begin at the station reinforced why I love this job with a passion, I couldn’t believe I had this opportunity! I fell in love with the beauty of the Pilbara and cannot wait to do another country stint."

“In my current role I run the Offender Management Area/Lockup at Fremantle Police Station. I process offenders from start to finish. It involves everything from doing strip searches, court bookings, bail papers, identifying particulars, updating IMS with current information and looking after their general needs. I love the feeling of being appreciated in my role. I have met some of the most amazing officers and detectives, who regularly tell me how much they appreciate the job that I do which enables them to be back out on the street policing where they belong.”

For Julie, who joined the WA Police Force later in life than most, she feels that older women in particular have some very hard stereotypes to overcome in this job. She was 45 when she joined and feels that it took time to prove to her workmates that physically she was able to handle herself in tough situations especially highly aggressive and combative detainees at the Watch House.

“At my age I hope to be seen as a great example to prove to the younger females who join the force, that age is no barrier. We all have skills from different life experiences that make us who we are and they can be invaluable in our life in the job. Just because I’m 48 and they may be 20, we both can learn from each other, different tactics dealing with different generations etc.”

“I joined the WA Police Force as an Auxiliary Officer and it is what I will remain. I do not have a wish to become a sworn officer at any time. I love my role and what I do with a passion. I am good at what I do and feel nothing but pride when I wear the uniform. It is a true blessing to be happy in your career choice, not many people really experience it.”

Police Auxiliary Officer Julie Lacey is the Custody/Support Officer at Fremantle Police Station.