Lindsey Amesbury

Meet Sergeant Lindsey Amesbury. From the age of 16, Lindsey knew she wanted to be a police officer. As soon as she reached 21 (the age requirement at the time) she signed up.

Lindsey Amesbury

Lindsey’s 13 year career with the WA Police Force includes time with Perth Police as a part of the bike squad, general duties and traffic at several metropolitan stations and country policing at Northam and Leonora - where she was the first female officer in 8 years. While at Leonora, she created and implemented a programme targeting youths and the issues they were dealing with in regional areas, as well as reintroducing the Blue Light discos.

“The most rewarding part about policing is the team environment, the comradery, providing guidance and assistance to junior officers and attending an incident where you know you have actually made a difference in someone’s life.”

One of Lindsey’s best memories came while she was a Tactical Training Officer at the WA Police Force Academy, after she had been teaching a recruit school for 4 weeks. “The response I got from the female members of that course was overwhelming. I had a number of recruits commenting that I was the type of officer they hoped to be when they made their way into the policing world. I found that very humbling and very encouraging to continue being who I am.”

Lindsey Amesbury ROG

Her career has not been without its challenges though – one of which was being seen as someone who is just as competent as a male officer in the same role. “I had to fight for the right to teach self-defence at the Academy. I think it’s important to not let anyone tell you that you can’t do something that you really want to achieve.”

Her current role is supervisor of a team at Regional Operations Group North which involves day-to-day management of staff members while also tasking and conducting the same duties as her team, who are the first responders to incidents called through by the public as well as attending Out of Control Gatherings such as parties and riots.

“Being a leader to me, means a presenting a strong, positive role model for officers to follow. Being someone who is firm yet approachable. I strive every shift to make sure my team know I’m there for them if they need me.”

Sergeant Lindsey Amesbury is currently the only female Supervisor at Northern Regional Operations Group.