Sharon Bird

Meet Senior Sergeant Sharon Bird. She joined the WA Police Force as a Cadet in 1988, only three weeks after she finished high school.

"I came in with the skills of being an accomplished horse rider, also having a licence to drive and train pacers positioned me well for later spending over 5 years in the Mounted Police Section, which provided me with some wonderful overseas opportunities and experiences."

Sharon joined the WA Police Force as she had a strong desire to help others and contribute to the community in some way and still feels like she is achieving that 28 years later. Throughout her career, Sharon has also had three children and so had to juggle shift work, between both herself and her husband (also a serving WA Police Force officer) and find suitable part time roles available for her rank. 

 “I was pregnant with my third child when I was promoted to Senior Sergeant and, after 17 months off on leave I became the first part time Senior Sergeant after the executive created a part time position enabling my return to work.”

Sharon transferred to the country with her husband and children in December 2015. She is now the Manager of the District Engagement and Support Team in the Mid-West Gascoyne District and her husband is the Officer-In-Charge of Geraldton Police Station.

“I am responsible for the day to day police resourcing for the Mid-West Gascoyne District. I manage our crime response across the district, predicting crime pressures and devising operations around combatting seasonal spikes. My team is very diverse and comprises of Family and Protection Unit staff, Case Manager, Canine Handler, Crime Prevention and Diversity Officer, Intelligence staff and the Prolific Priority Offender Officer.”

“Being a mother of 3 young children in a large Regional WA district, whilst both parents work full time, is very challenging. I live in a country town with no family support and extremely limited child support opportunities whilst doing the job I love - that’s a challenge! 

Complimented by a Bachelor of Business degree in Human Resources, Sharon finds the people aspect the most rewarding part of the job - being able to mentor and coach staff eager for guidance and direction and who want to learn. Most recently 8 Mid-West Gascoyne police officers had interviews and 7 successfully made it to the Sergeant’s pool with Sharon’s guidance and assistance.

“I bring to Regional WA contemporary metropolitan experiences and knowledge, which I have been able to adapt to regional policing where appropriate. It’s rewarding when people jump on board and embrace change for the greater good of the community. I also have a close working relationship with many partner agencies and local community members and forging those relationships to reach a common goal is extremely satisfying.”

Senior Sergeant Sharon Bird is currently the acting Inspector for Investigations and Support within the Mid-West Gascoyne District.