Snez Bodegrajac

Snez’s family thought a career in administration would be best suited to her both due to her organisational tendencies, but also cultural acceptance. Initially intent on becoming a Chemical Engineer (a profession that did not attract a lot of females), Snez got involved in political sciences at school and found it resonated with her a lot more closely.

“I still recall the moment when I realised what I was ‘born to do’. I was in high school at the time and attended a career information session. 

Snez Bodergrajac

During the presentation, a career in Intelligence was mentioned by the recruiter as a possible option; I still recall coming home that day and looking it up on internet to learn more. The more I read, the more it resonated with me… made Chemical Engineering sound so boring in comparison! The rest is history.”

Prior to joining the WA Police Force, she was employed by the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (formerly known as ACC) as an Intelligence Analyst in a Collections team. Whilst working for ACC and other law enforcement agencies, she learnt about various capabilities that those agencies possess and vast amount of information they gather from non-traditional sources. This enabled her to take advantage of these capabilities and enhance intelligence collection capacity within the WA Police Force.

Snez wanted to work for the WA Police Force to experience a broader variety of work, further develop her skills in a different environment and get involved in more operational roles, which she was not able to do with past employers. “One of my Managers at ACC was a Superintendent in the WA Police Force and always spoke highly of his experience; he was also someone that I looked up to and respected so when the opportunity presented itself, I applied for the position and was successful.”

She has worked within an intelligence environment for over eleven years and spent the last four with the WA Police Force. “My day to day work involves management of resources in support of tactical and operational district environment which may involve deployment of analytical resources, providing guidance and mentoring of staff in their analytical work (specialist analytical advice) and considering broader (more strategic) implications of any trends/developments within this environment. Metropolitan districts are currently going through Transformation, and part of my role in this project is to assist in development of seasonal intelligence assessment and support of analysts during this change management.”

“The most rewarding aspect of the job is interacting with my team and assisting them with problem resolution, whether that is HR related or operationally focused. I have been fortunate enough to have worked with some exemplary analysts, and watching them grow in confidence has been immensely rewarding. Whilst difficult to let go at times, I have watched some of them move on to different law enforcement agencies where they achieved great success, which is satisfying to watch, despite doing it from the sidelines.”

“I would like to see more women in leadership and decision making roles within agency. Intelligence Services Division is a good example where females have been provided these opportunities, in what was seen in the past as a traditionally male environment. It is encouraging to see that there is an appetite for change.”

Snez Bodegrajac is an A/Principal Intelligence Analyst within Intelligence Services Division.