Tatum Gibson

Meet Constable Tatum Gibson. She has been a WA Police Force officer for four years.

I joined the WA Police Force because I wanted to be able to help create a positive change within the Aboriginal community and to also provide a role model/leader status as an Aboriginal female Police officer.

I am proud and passionate about my Aboriginal culture and our people. I also enjoyed the idea of having a physical job and knowing I could further develop my skills throughout different experiences.


Tatum started her policing journey working at Breath & Drug Operations in Midland and was then transferred to Cannington Police Station where she now works on a Local Policing Team (LPT).

“Conducting investigations is an LPT officer’s main role. However officers have the freedom to be proactive within their area. As an LPT officer we are in charge of investigative work within the particular area/suburb we are responsible for. This gives us great knowledge of local offenders which assists in proactive and reactive work.”

She finds that the most rewarding aspect of the job is knowing that basic policing, common sense, dedication and hard work can really positively impact an individual or group of people.

“We all have strengths and weaknesses within the job. Whether you are in a junior or senior position, we all have the capabilities of sharing our knowledge and to constantly learn new tricks and ways to go about our daily tasks. Policing is about growth, and if we grow and develop individually we provide a much better service to our community and to our colleagues.”

Tatum encourages anyone thinking about joining the WA Police Force to give it a go and said, “Enjoy your work, work hard, be brave, be proud and always ask questions. If you don’t ask, you won’t know.”

Constable Tatum is currently a Local Policing Officer at Cannington Police Station.