Victoria Kidd

Meet First Class Constable Victoria Kidd. She has been with the WA Police Force since 2010 when she first joined as an Auxiliary Officer.

“Seeing what was required to become a Police Officer, I decided it was where I wanted to go for the next part of my working life.”

Victoria worked in insurance for a long time, processing household claims for customers and helping them replace their items after being burgled. She then progressed through to the building and construction industry where she assisted people with the initial construction process of building their new homes. “I enjoyed both areas as I assisted people with what was important to them however, after an unforeseen event, I noticed an advertisement for Auxiliary Officers with the WA Police Force and decided to apply.”

Victoria KIDD - Beagle Bay

Due to her age, Victoria wasn’t sure whether she would be able to cope with the physical side of the training and having been out of school for over 20 years, she was also concerned how she would perform academically. “I wanted to continue to help people in need but also, with young children of my own, I was passionate about what was occurring with their generation and how they were going to cope with the challenged put before them.”

“I worked hard at the Academy and surprised myself – even to the point of being awarded the Minister’s Award. I was proud and humble to be acknowledged for my hard work. My passion is working with children and, as I teach children dancing in my own time, it’s important to acknowledge how much they can be influenced at such a young age.”

Victoria’s first position out of the Academy was at the Booze Bus and she quickly came to realise how much people can take the road rules for granted. Her experience there sparked her interest to work in the traffic department.

After completing six months at Mirrabooka Police Station in a general duties role, she was fortunate to obtain a position with West Metropolitan Traffic. “My role was a patrol officer until I was transferred to the inquiry department and, after assisting the Crash Section with reducing their case files, I was made permanent and completed two years with them.”

Due to some restructuring of her department, Victoria moved pack to traffic patrols for another two years before deciding it was time to move on and gain some real general duties experience. She was lured to the country life and applied for a position at Broome where she has been for almost a year.

“Predominately, majority of the work in Broome lies with domestic violence and assault problems which occur all year round however, in the dry season, Broome is a tourist town, so burglaries and antisocial behaviour increase. Domestic violence and the constant challenges that some families face can have its toll on us as police officers however, familiarisation with those families assists in dealing with their problems can decrease the frustration officers can receive when attending incidents that continue to be a problem.”

“I was recently relieving at Dampier Peninsula and think that we are very lucky to given the opportunities to gain experience in these roles. It is also another way to see the beautiful state we live in and the wonderful culture the locals have to offer. Not often can you help people in their time of need, increase your knowledge and travel to some breathtaking places whilst working. It’s at these times that you appreciate what the job has to offer.”

First Class Constable Victoria Kidd is currently a Patrol/Inquiry Officer at Broome Police Station.