Yola Holden

Meet Yola Holden. She is a WA Police Force staff member who joined as an Administration Officer at Kalgoorlie Police Station in 2006 after being a full-time mum.

"I was a baby face mum with limited skills in the policing field and aspired to develop a career path that was considerate of my husband’s role as a Sergeant and my children reaching school age. We transferred to Kambalda Police Station two years later where I was lucky to become the Customer Service Officer at the station. Life was fantastic as I involved myself in community events including the Bluey Day Ball, charity auctions and Christmas functions. Station staff were like family and it enabled the country life to be very flexible allowing me to volunteer my services as an ambulance driver and be a committee member at the Kambalda Country Club."

In 2010, they moved back to Perth where Yola was transferred to a position at Major Crime. That experience opened her eyes to the horrific world of homicide, the city life of police officers, witnessing the huge workload that the police officers within Major Crime endured at the time and the personal toll that it took on both them and their families. Yola found that her role gave her an opportunity to support those police officers, both professionally and personally, which was extremely rewarding.

"I was successfully promoted to an intelligence position at State Intelligence where I really felt I was making a difference and able to hone my skills toward identifying and filling intelligence gaps to assist police officers to do their job successfully. The role was diverse covering many areas including Traffic Intelligence, Covert Services, Human Source Management and State Intelligence. I have enjoyed the opportunity to spend considerable periods acting in the Intelligence Analyst position continuing my development and contribution.

The most challenging part of my job is maintaining currency of knowledge as the technical world evolves. I enjoy developing my understanding in the use of systems and databases to maximise the opportunities available.”

“My experiences have reinforced that all members of the WA Police Force, sworn and unsworn, are part of the ‘blue’ family who will be there to support you. There will be times that you will definitely need that moment to reflect and debrief on a horrific day and free your mind of some of the ‘horrors’ of policing.”

“Women in the WA Police Force are amazing and will continue to be amazing. From Assistant Commissioner to the new recruits or current and new Police Staff, I would always say talk to each other, never doubt your capabilities and continue to challenge yourself as an individual. Policing is so diverse and there is always a place for new faces and those just willing to give it a go.”

Yola is currently acting in the position of Intelligence Analyst within the Human Source Management Unit at State Intelligence.