Zen Kassim

Meet Senior Constable Zainon (Zen) Mohamad Kassim from our Community Engagement Division.

Senior Constable Zainon (Zen) Mohamad Kassim
Senior Constable Zainon (Zen) Mohamad Kassim with a snake

Zen actually started her policing career with the Singapore Police Force in March 1991. Since joining us in November 2008, she now has a very respectable 25 years of policing experience under her belt.

"As a woman and being able to stay in this job for 25 years is a great achievement. Working full-time and having to juggle work and family life balance has never been easy. I’m not just a police officer - I’m a daughter who supports my 65 year old widowed mother who lives on her own overseas; I’m a wife to a FIFO worker; and I’m a mother to five children. Support and understanding from bosses and family members are crucial and important for any working woman to succeed in their life.

"It was my childhood dream to be a police officer. I’ve always wanted to help those in need.

"I like that policing is a respectable job. Satisfaction is the key word as to what I get out of policing. It has never been easy to encourage others to change their lives and show them the ideal path to take that suits them and their family. But my passion for helping others has made me a better officer. At times, emotions do kick in because police officers are human beings too. We have feelings like others do.

"I would love to see more women and people from culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) backgrounds join the WA Police Force, considering how diverse WA is. Dealing with issues and concerns in such a diverse community is a complex challenge so we need a balance of police officers that reflect our community to shape a better society."