Kimberley - Edwin Mulligan

Kimberley District

Artist: Edwin Mulligan

Artist Country: Walmajarri/Nyikina

Kimberly artwork by Edwin Mulligan
Artwork by Edwin Mulligan.

Artwork story

Seasons are a series of paintings created throughout 2017 by Edwin Lee Mulligan. They are a combination of bleaching and acrylics to depict the flow of water through the landscape during the wet season. Vines and flowers responding to the water and sun appear everywhere after a big rain. The blue is also representative of the common sky we all share, and the colour of the WA Police Force uniform.

These energy cycles are carried in story, dance and song passed down through generation to generation.

Artist biography

Born in Derby in 1980, Edwin is also known by his traditional name Warrda Lumbadij Bundajarrdi. Edwin grew up in Yakanarra, a small community just over 40 kilometres south-east of Fitzroy Crossing and lived most of his early life there.

He is a Walmajarri descendant from his father’s side which covers the Great Sandy Desert in the Central Kimberley. Nykina is his mother’s side which stretches along the mighty Fitzroy River from Derby to near Fitzroy Crossing. His father, Hanson Boxer is a well-known artist and his grandfather, Jimmy Pike is one of the greatest Walmajarri artists ever to live and is internationally acclaimed for his paintings and travels.