Mid West-Gascoyne - Bonni Ingram

Mid West-Gascoyne District

Artist: Bonni Ingram

Artist Country: Badimia/Yamatji

Mid West-Gascoyne artwork by Bonnie Ingram
Artwork by Bonni Ingram.

Artwork story

Located on the perimeter of the world’s largest sea-grass bed are the vast mangrove colonies of the Shark Bay World Heritage Area, nurseries to innumerable marine species. Stretching from north of Kalbarri up to the town of Carnarvon, we can imagine listening to the whispers of thousands upon thousands of tiny animals who in time become part of a traditionally rich fishery, still feeding us today.

The bush seed motif has been translated by Bonni into a marine context by using the colour palette of the pristine waters of Sharks Bay. The concentric circles mean ‘water’ and they are at the centre of the artwork and its story of the place with the world’s oldest life forms (stromatolites) and oldest culture.

Artist biography

My Yamatji Dad was always painting and carving culturally, inspiring me to follow him and interpret my grandmother’s country which is Badimia. This influences me to use colours more profusely due to the local botany that is extraordinarily infused with the colours of the native flowers. My preference is to move colours on a huge scale.

It is the optimal expression of my work because it’s the only way I myself can bring out the meaning for my audiences - pushing my expression to the limits. Challenging the viewer to enter deeper appreciation of the meaning of my Country - a cultural gift to be shared. Luring them through the boldness of colour and scale - these are intertwined and essential together.