Pilbara - Cyril Whyoulter

Pilbara District

Artist: Cyril Whyoulter

Artist Country: Mother and father’s country – Jartuti. Grandparents country - Martu.

Language: Kartujarra

Pilbara artwork by Cyril WhyoulterKurta Kurta - by Cyril Whyoulter.

Artwork story

Kurta Kurta is an area in Cyril's grandfather's country. Cyril's grandmother and her family used to travel from Wantili (a large claypan north of Kartarru) to Kurta Kurta, which is back towards Parngurr Aboriginal Community. There they used to meet up with the Yates family and then travel down to a camp called Karlamilyi. They went to Karamilyi for 'big melon' which is like a watermelon. There is now a windmill at Kurta Kurta and lovely water.

Artist biography

Cyril's mother's and Father's country is Jartu. He is the grandson of deceased Martu Pinyirr and senior Martumili Bugai Whyoulter. Cyril grew up in Parnngurr and Punmu communities. He now lives with his wife and children in Newman. Cyril learnt to colour in pencil from his grandfather Larry Patterson. "My mum's father came from Kirriwirri in the North. I can paint that way too. I like painting, it's a god way to learn from old people, keep the stories going. Yunkurra (Billy Atkins), my nyamu (grandfather), he's guiding me about what I can paint and share. My closest family is the Taylor mob; uncle Muuki, and Ngalangka. They help me too".