South West and Metropolitan - Justin Martin

South West and Metropolitan Districts

Artist: Justin Martin

Artist Country: Noongar/Yamatji

South West and Metro artwork by Justin Martin
Artwork by Justin Martin.

Artwork story

Starting in the four corners heading inward shows four brothers (close friends) varying in age who travel down their separate song lines or paths each day to hunt and gather. The size of their paths indicates how many times they have travelled there. The blue colour symbols where the river meets the ocean each day.

With sea coral in different parts the brothers hunt bream, mullet & turtle for their families. The area is a fertile ecosystem giving and taking life. The circle in the centre represents Noongar country, a place where native frogs, turtles, snakes and birds breed their next generation, creating a circle of life.

Artist biography

Justin Martin is an Aboriginal artist from Perth, Western Australia (Wadjuk country). Justin is 34 years old and married with four children. He comes from a large family with two brothers and three sisters. Justin’s father is Greg Martin a Yamatji man from the mid-west of Western Australia and his mother is Cheryl Martin (nee Walley), a Noongar woman from the southwest of Western Australia. Justin belongs to a strong group of tribes called the Widi, Budimia and Wadjuk people. Justin has been painting for around ten years, using oil based paint and stretched canvases. His dot painting is an art passed down from generation to generation.