2023 Australia Day Honours List

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Australian Police Medal

ASSISTANT COMMISSIONER TONY LONGHORN APM joined the WA Police Force in 1992 as a Cadet before working general duties in the metropolitan area and in various roles across the State.

He became a detective in 2000, serving in detective offices and specialist units.

Promoted to sergeant in 2007 and senior sergeant in 2011, he served in Regional WA as OIC of police stations and Geraldton Detectives, before promotion to inspector in 2014 and superintendent in 2018.

Promoted to his current rank in 2022, AC Longhorn is widely recognised for his significant contributions to the WA Police Force and many achievements.


DETECTIVE SUPERINTENDENT GORDON FAIRMAN APM joined the WA Police Force in 1988 and throughout his career he has served in various frontline areas and specialist units across the State.

In December 2020, he was appointed as the initial Police Commander for Taskforce Ravello, where he secured investigative, analytical and operational resources and implemented priority actions to disrupt and suppress further OMCG violence.

Throughout his 34-year career, Det. Supt Fairman has made significant contributions to the WA Police Force, applying specialised knowledge and dedication to improving the investigative response which has had a far-reaching impact.


INSPECTOR JON MUNDAY APM began his policing career with Western Australia Police Force in 1989, serving in a range of general duties roles before becoming a detective in 2001.

He went on to serve as OIC of police stations and detectives offices including Newman Police Station where he was highly regarded by his peers and the local community. 

In October 2021, Insp. Munday led and enabled a thorough investigation during the initial stages of Operation Rodia, and in February 2022 was deployed to the Kimberley District as Commander for Operation Regional Shield.

Insp. Munday’s distinguished career with the WA Police Force has resulted in a number of successful outcomes to high-profile investigations that consistently exceed expectations.


DETECTIVE SERGEANT JESSICA CURLEY APM joined the Western Australia Police Force in 2011 as a general duties officer, working at various metropolitan stations before becoming a detective in 2014.

Consistently recognised as an exceptional police officer and investigator, she demonstrates persistence, integrity and outstanding investigative skills.

Going above and beyond in targeting offenders and supporting vulnerable victims of crime, she has investigated a number of complex fraud, extortion and sexual offences.

Det. Sgt Curley has made a significant contribution to the WA Police Force through her specialised investigative knowledge and dedication.