Annual Report 2019

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Annual Report cover

The Western Australia Police Force Annual Report 2019 has been released. 

Our mission is to provide trusted and valued policing for the Western Australian community.

Covering the world’s largest police jurisdiction at 2.6 million square kilometres, our structure comprises 15 police districts with more than 8 900 employees and more than 200 police facilities.


Demonstrating our commitment to accountability and transparency, the report serves as a key record of our operational and financial performance. 

The report highlights and celebrates many examples of our valuable work. It demonstrates our commitment to the WA Government’s 'Our Priorities: Sharing Prosperity' statement of intent, particularly around safer communities and Aboriginal wellbeing, while embracing our core values of duty, teamwork, integrity and care.

View the Annual Report 2019 to learn more about our achievements throughout the 2018-19 financial year.