Bikelinc Capabilities and Changes

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Bikelinc Image. Woman on bike.

To better protect the expanding range of nonregisterable transport options, Bikelinc has recently expanded its scope to include electric and power-assisted bikes, mobility scooters, non-registerable off-road motorbikes and eRideables.

‘eRideables’ refers to any small electric rideable device with at least one wheel, that is less than 125cm long, 70cm wide and 135cm high, is 25kg or less and not capable of travelling faster than 25km/h.

Officers should encourage owners to register their rideable devices on Bikelinc - all that is needed is a serial number. For police, registration raises the chance that a recovered cycle or device can be reunited with the owner quickly and easily.

Driver’s Licence details As the security of personal information becomes more important, Bikelinc has removed all stored driver’s licence numbers which were added as an option by Bikelinc users to their profile.

Police will still be able to search by the bike serial number and police IR number for identification purposes but not by the driver’s licence number.

To register a product on Bikelinc click here, or for more information about registering a rideable device click here.