Bikelinc To Help Stop Bike Theft

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Cartoon graphic of woman riding bicycle and waving to a police officer who is talking to a man in the background.

Crime Stoppers WA has launched a new service to help police officers identify stolen bicycles and reunite them with their rightful owners.

The Bikelinc service includes a real-time search feature that easily link bicycles with their owners. The service has been designed to connect a community of bike-minded people and help reduce bike theft.

More than 9000 bicycles are stolen in WA each year and the problem has been growing in the community over the past decade.

Cycling enthusiasts can also check if bikes for sale are safe or have been reported as lost or stolen. 

Do you want to check a bike’s status?

The Bikelinc website includes useful information, including what to do if you find a bike and what to do if your bike has been lost or stolen.

You can create a free profile and register your bike with Bikelinc knowing that your personal information will be maintained securely with Crime Stoppers WA which has been trusted with keeping people’s identity safe for nearly 25 years.