Bikelinc Results

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Bikelinc results

Officers from Wembley Police Station have had great success recently in apprehending bike thieves and reuniting owners with the stolen property.

Wembley OIC Senior Sergeant Peter Gilmour said one of the unexpected outcomes from the COVID-19 pandemic has been a noticeable increase in bike use.

“Bike retailers are reporting a sustained increase in both bike sales and repairs which is showing no sign of abating,” he said.

“With the increased demand for bicycles and more of them on the streets, it’s not surprising they have become an attractive target for thieves. The success story for us has been the effectiveness of Bikelinc in enabling bikes to be reunited with their owners,” he said.

Recent examples include an incident late last week where Sergeant Pat Kelly and Constable Jack Drew caught a thief who stole a $600 bike from Rosalie Park Primary School.

Owner Ryan Tan said he left the bike unattended for just a couple of minutes only to return and find it gone. Sergeant Kelly also charged a woman with unlawful possession after seeing her riding a bike without a helmet along Leederville’s Oxford Street. On further investigation the bike turned out not to be hers.

In both instances because the owners could be identified through Bikelinc the bicycles were quickly able to be returned. After launching in October last year, Bikelinc now holds the details for around 10,475 bikes with a collective value estimated to be in the region of $16.3 million.