Blood Challenge

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ST John Mascot the blood bank mascot and Constable care mascot posing

WA Police Force staff pour enormous amounts of blood, sweat and tears into their work for the community each day – now staff are being asked to literally pour in their blood as part of the annual Emergency Services Blood Challenge.

So far, the WA Police Force has registered 60 donations (whole blood, plasma or platelets) while St John had recorded 94, so it's shaping up to be a serious competition.

A game changer this year is the ability for friends and family to join the WA Police Red25group simply by stating they are part of the team when they are in a centre, or when booking their appointments.

Remembering you can ‘donate with a mate’ is the key to bolstering our total – and whether or not you attend together doesn’t matter.

Booking an appointment is easy, with all the information on a handy poster available for download here. The challenge runs until 31 August.

 More information here.