Call for submissions: Statutory Review of the Mandatory Testing (Infectious Diseases) Act 2014

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The Mandatory Testing (Infectious Diseases) Act 2014 (the Act) provides for mandatory testing of persons reasonably suspected of having transferred bodily fluids to police officers or other related public officers acting in the course of their duty.

Infectious diseases which are tested for are HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, and COVID-19.

The purpose of the legislation is to provide an efficient means for testing a source individual, reduce stress and anxiety for exposed officers, and contribute to decisions about an officer’s treatment.


Section 34 of the Act requires that there must be a statutory review of the operation and effectiveness of the Act as soon as is practicable five years from commencement. A report about the outcome of the statutory review must also be presented to each House of Parliament.


You are invited to make a written submission as part of the statutory review of the Act. We encourage you to provide comment about what is working well and what could be done differently to enhance the effectiveness and operation of the legislation.

A Consultation Paper has been prepared, which includes a number of questions covering various aspects of the legislation.

You are encouraged to respond to as many or as few of the questions as you consider appropriate, as well as to comment on any other matters you wish to bring to our attention.

Please submit your feedback to

The closing date for submissions is 17 February 2023.