Officer's act of bravery

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Body worn camera footage of house fire

Check out this Body Worn Camera footage of officers responding to a house fire in Camillo last night, Thursday 29 October 2020.

An officer from the Traffic Motorcycle Group was on patrol when he observed a house on fire in Hemingway Drive, Camillo.

Stopping at the scene, the officer requested further assistance. Another Traffic Motorcycle Group officer arrived shortly after, along with officers from Armadale Police Station.

Information was received that a resident may have still been inside the burning house. 

The officers were initially unable to gain access to the side of the residence and several officers forced entry via the garage door, entering the burning structure to search for the resident, while other officers continued to attempt to gain access to the rear garden via neighbouring properties.

A woman was quickly located in distress in the rear garden and it was confirmed no other person was home at the time. 

While the woman had been able to escape the fire, she was unable to leave the rear garden. Officers evacuated her to safety over a fence, using a ladder they found in the garden.

Residents from neighbouring properties were also evacuated.

Department of Fire and Emergency Services personnel attended the scene a short time later and extinguished the fire.

The fire is not being treated as suspicious.