Chaplaincy Expands

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WA Police Chaplain

The WA Police Force has four Police Chaplains who are ably supported by a network of Volunteer Police Chaplains across the State.

Together they support the health and wellbeing of WA Police Force personnel and are always available for personal, family or work-related matters.

Last week Tom Price Pastor Gavin Douglas was inducted as the latest Volunteer Police Chaplain.

Police Chaplain Wayne Warfield said Gavin has the support of his local church in accepting this role. “They describe him as someone who is involved and well-connected within the community,” he said.

“He has demonstrated an emphasis on building relationships with people from all walks of life and makes himself available at a moment’s notice whenever the need arises.

“We are always looking for local ministers who would be a good fit as a Volunteer Police Chaplain,” Chaplain Warfield added. “The intent is that they are there for people of all religious faiths and of no faith. That’s what ‘care’ is all about.”