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Cottesloe Police Station

The Cottesloe Police sub-district will transfer from North West Metropolitan District to Central Metropolitan District through July 2016. This will allow the sub-district to be serviced by Response Teams from Perth instead of Mirrabooka. It should be recognized that Cottesloe has traditionally been part of Central Metropolitan District.

As part of this initiative, the Cottesloe Local Policing Teams will form part of the larger Wembley Police roster and report through the Officer in Charge of Wembley. The Cottesloe community will continue to be serviced by officers based at Cottesloe and Wembley Police Stations. Cottesloe Police Station remains open to the public with staff in attendance during business hours. There will be no reduction in service availability to the local community, coupled with closer proximity to Response Teams.

Metropolitan operations are constantly being monitored and reviewed against demand matching for each sub-district. Fortunately, Cottesloe continues to be an area of low demand in terms of crime, and it has been determined this new arrangement provides a better demand mix across the Districts.