Dauphin Decommissioned

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Air Wing 2

The end of an era recently came at Police Air Wing with the decommissioning of helicopter Polair 62.

The aircraft, a Eurocopter AS365N3+ Dauphin, was purchased by the WA Police Force from helicopter builder Airbus in 2011 and entered service with the Police Air Wing on 25 June 2012.

During 10 years of service it flew a total of 4917 hours, performed 8053 police tasks including 668 pursuits and 198 search and rescue missions, assisting in the arrest of 1090 offenders.

The Dauphin has been traded to Airbus and will partially fund its replacement - a second new Airbus H145 D3 helicopter which is currently under construction in Germany. The Dauphin’s replacement H145 will assume the call sign Polair 62.