Dual purpose police dogs in training

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Arnold & Gunner sitting on the back of their police car

Four prospective police dogs are just over halfway through the required training to make it to operational status.

Handlers work with training staff to guide this development, with each handler/dog team aiming for obedience and agility alongside the ability to track, locate drugs, engage an offender - and equally importantly disengage when instructed.

In the coming weeks, From the Line will bring you the latest on the progress of these canine recruits and this week it is the turn of Police Dog Candidate (PDC) Digger.

Digger is a substantial male Malinois. He was sourced through a supplier in Perth at 12 months of age. Like Gunner, his genetic background is from the KNPV. He is also an extremely motivated dog for play and biting things. Digger has a very powerful grip. All his toys have their construction fully tested during play. Even the bite suit is operating on its upper limits.

First Class Constable Mark Arnold arrived at the unit some months ago. He has been heavily involved with the development of the dogs leading into course, displaying exceptional flexibility in doing so. He has really embraced his partnership with Digger. This is extremely evident during their play sessions. They are loud and somewhat hectic, but most importantly the relationship is genuine and Digger can tell. They are fast becoming an excellent team.

Digger continues to improve across all facets of training. His speciality at the moment is detection. He has a keen nose for it and 1/C Arnold's play sessions maintain a very high level of motivation.