Fremantle Dockers game day

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Fremantle Dockers and WA Police

There was a winning atmosphere at Optus Stadium on Saturday as the Fremantle Dockers joined forces with police.

Purple and blue once again proved to be a great combination with both ‘teams’ enjoying success. 

Assistant Commissioner (RWA) Darryl Gaunt said the WA Police Force was able to showcase a number of their assets and demonstrate many of the roles and functions that can be experienced as a police officer.

“We openly promoted WA Police Force as a career option and I would like to thank all police personnel who ensured there was a high level of engagement and a great deal of activity going on for all ages and groups as spectators made their way into the Stadium,” he said.

“AFL attendance figures tell us there were 39,428 people at the game, so in terms of community engagement opportunities this was massive and the crowds appreciated seeing police vehicles, boats, drones, horses, dogs - and of course puppies - in the lead-up to the game.

"We’re very grateful for the recognition the Fremantle Dockers gave to all first responders, particularly police, and then to see them earn a hard fought 13 point win over Hawthorn made for a magnificent end to an excellent afternoon for all of us.”

Commissioner Chris Dawson was in attendance and spoke with officers and footy fans before delivering the match ball inside.

“The atmosphere in the lead up to the game was fantastic...” he said.