Guide dogs call into Police

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Woman pats Assistance Dog

Guide Dogs WA recently visited the WA Police Force to bring some puppy love to the hard-working team at the Police Assistance Centre.


The Centre’s 250-strong workforce handles 1.2 million calls every year—many of them distressing.

Senior Constable Brad Garie said calls are received 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

“Of these, 300 000 come through Triple-0 Emergency. Ninety-seven per cent of those are answered within the first 20 seconds of the call coming through.”

The volume and nature of the calls mean the work environment can be stressful.

“It can be quite emotional and quite confronting to people.

“It’s great having the Assistance Dogs come into the area. There’s a marked difference once the dogs have been around.

“People feel a bit more relaxed… It’s a positive distraction for them to take their mind off the stressful calls that come through,” Senior Constable Garie said.