Have the Conversation - your driving on Wheatbelt roads

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Have the Conversation

Police in the Wheatbelt patrol local roads enforcing the road rules every day. We are always talking with drivers and their passengers about their driving behaviour and how choices can lead to consequences, which can include police enforcement or worse still, injury or death.

Wheatbelt Police have created a series of five innovative videos which will be released to the public. Their intent? To generate conversation with the community about the impact of driver decisions, inviting you all to ‘have the conversation’ about how your driving behaviour can be the key to #saferdrivers on Wheatbelt roads, as we head into the busy festive holiday period.

The video format may seem familiar to many of you! Have you seen James Corden Carpool Karaoke?... Instead of James you have the OIC of Northam Police Station and singing is replaced by a Wheatbelt yarn (the conversation) with members of the local community.

We hope you think it’s good enough to share and to keep the conversation going with your friends and loved ones, in a bid to help us continue to influence driver behaviour.

Have the Conversation - Northam Coppers

Have the Conversation - Kendelle

Using your mobile phone whilst driving may result in prosecution and can have deadly consequences. We hope you think the video is worth a share with your friends and family and that you ‘have the conversation’ with your loved ones.

Have the Conversation - Quiny

“Keeping your driver’s licence is important – otherwise you will be walking the streets of the Avon Valley in your double pluggers” …

Have the Conversation - Liam

Liam is a 7 year old student in Northam... and he knows a lot about Seatbelts! Hear what he has to say to Northam's top cop.

Have the Conversation - Jack

In the first video of the series, the OIC speaks with local tradesman Jack about young drivers and alcohol and drugs.