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Regional WA Policing

Alongside police, a wide range of services are required to meet the needs of people living in regional and remote Western Australia. 

Health and Education deploy staff so that residents have access to a doctor, nurse, midwife and teacher for example. Volunteers and other entities also play an important role, but police are the essential service in many communities. Hear firsthand accounts from officers currently stationed in RWA about their decision to work outside of the Perth metro area – some still within easy striking distance of the city, while others have ventured a bit further out.

Collie Police Station

1/C Katrina Bingham
“My reason for choosing to move to RWA was to experience a different style of policing. I’ve been enjoying a role that offers exposure to a vast and varied range of policing that I wouldn’t have been able to experience in a metropolitan environment.

"I chose Collie in particular as I come from a very close-knit community in Northern Ireland and I felt being in a small country town would provide the chance to really engage and build meaningful links within the community. I am a firm believer in work / life balance. Collie offers a wide range of outdoor activities such as camping, mountain biking, hiking tracks and there’s no shortage of beautiful lakes and pools to kayak and swim. Collie is still close to Perth, but it’s also on the doorstep of some of the most stunning parts of the southern region, making road trips on days off a must."


Bunbury Police Station

PC Dani De Sousa Fra
“I love the work / life balance Bunbury Police Station offers. It really is the best of both worlds with the relaxed small town feel but still having the opportunity to be involved in complex investigations and a fast-paced working environment.  We are so lucky living in this beautiful part of the world with postcard worthy beaches and being on the doorstep of world-renowned wineries and surf spots.”

PC Chris Martin
“I love living in the South West due to the relaxed lifestyle, great attractions and closeness to Perth. Being close to the Margaret River Region and world class beaches is a great day out. Bunbury has a metro feel but with a small-town, coastal lifestyle. I would recommend Regional WA to any serving officer.”

Beverley Police Station

Beverley Police Station

Sergeant Terry O’Dea
“If you are looking for an opportunity to complete country service and remain just a ‘stone’s throw’ from Perth, then Beverley is the station for you. There are excellent sporting groups and social activities for outside of work and days off. You can have family and friends visit in what is an easy day trip from the city. There’s an excellent opportunity to develop your career here and follow through from start to finish with crimes being investigated within the Beverley Sub-District. The town’s folk are friendly and are fully supportive of police.


York Police Station

1/C Shayne Price / 1/C Christian Recktenwald
“York has provided lifestyle opportunities that cannot be achieved in the metropolitan area. York’s proximity to the city provides the best of both worlds. I have achieved more training opportunities in a few months than I was able to achieve in five years in the city. The ability to follow through with a job from start to finish and see the results is highly rewarding. You feel like you are part of the community and part of an effective team. York Police Station has provided me with opportunities including acting as Officer in Charge and the ability to acquire the necessary skills and experience to be considered highly competitive for future promotion.”


Coolgardie Police Station

PC George Mclean
“I want to pursue a career in crime ultimately working as a Detective and Regional WA has provided me with the experience and opportunities to upskill and work towards that goal.”


Warburton Police Station

B/S/Sergeant Don Couper
“The benefits of working in Warburton is being part of a small, dynamic team within the larger Ngaanyatarra Lands team. This is the place to learn, challenge yourself and make a difference.”


Roebourne Police Station

1/C Travis McDiarmid
“I worked at a number of stations in the metro area for five years before finally making the decision to work in Regional WA. I was fortunate enough to get a position at Roebourne Police Station, the oldest running Police Station in Western Australia. In just over a year, I’ve been exposed to a greater variety of jobs than I ever experienced in the metro area. From boarding a large iron ore ship, investigating an unusual sudden death, to gaining valuable skills such as becoming one of the Remote Drone Pilots for the Pilbara District.

I’ve had the privilege to be deployed to other country locations including Marble Bar, Newman and Kiwirkurra, the most remote Aboriginal community in Australia. The lifestyle of country policing is what does it for me. I’ve been able to explore some amazing parts of WA that I’m sure I would never have seen otherwise. I’m sure you’ve been told by other colleagues that working country is one of the best things you will do in your career, I know I was told many times. I wish I’d done it sooner.”


Newman Police Station

PC Kiel Hebden
“Newman was my home for three years as a constable. In that time I ran jobs consisting of low-level assaults and traffic crashes, to aggravated wounding and high-level aggravated assault occasioning bodily harm. I've had the opportunity to relieve in remote Aboriginal communities such as Brevet Sergeant at Jigalong MFPF.

I've also been lucky enough to assist in interesting and challenging jobs, such as a successful LANDSAR on a remote cattle station using helicopters. Newman offers a great work / life balance with flexible rosters. No night shift and plenty of overtime if you’re chasing it. My family and I have visited remote freshwater creek systems, and camped with workmates on most weekends off. These places are like a mini crowd-free Karijini National Park. It's a great place to raise a family, with mining opportunities for spouses and apprenticeship opportunities for older kids.”


Halls Creek Police Station

Constable Madeleine Cera
“I love Halls Creek - it’s amazing and so are the locals. Despite the challenges we face, I feel like I am making a real difference and have built strong connections with the local community. The country is beautiful and it has been an adventure exploring it.”

Constable Gagan Singh
“I love working in Halls Creek. I feel like I am making a positive change here and have built strong connections with my colleagues and the local community.”

Wagin Police Station

Wagin Police Station

Sergeant Simon Bickers
“The benefits and rewards of working in Wagin go well beyond the financial gains - which are considerable. Wagin is a very friendly place with a lot to offer. The officers at Wagin Police Station are quickly welcomed into the social fabric of the town and enjoy sporting and social activities both within the station and the wider community. Wagin officers currently participate in the local football competition, cricket teams and Volunteer Fire Brigade.

The facilities at Wagin are great with some of the best housing you will find in Regional Western Australia. The town itself offers many facilities and anything located locally can be sourced in either Katanning or Narrogin (both only about a half hour drive away). On the subject of travel, Perth and Albany are within three hours drive, and Bunbury only two. The Wagin Police Station itself has recently undergone a million dollar refurbishment improving our work location. The job itself offers potential to not only respond to a wide variety of tasks (you name it and it happens here), but to also follow those tasks from beginning to end. I often tell anyone interested in transferring to Wagin, that “you can go anywhere from here”. The access to training and experience has resulted in departing staff attaining positions in Detective Offices, specialist positions, and promotions. I mentioned the financial gain. Wagin currently offers applicants a $12,000 attraction allowance (in addition to location and other allowances). The money is good, but the opportunity to work in a town that likes and supports their coppers is better.”

In summary, RWA offers:

  • A great lifestyle and work / life balance
  • The ability to follow jobs from start to finish
  • Community involvement
  • Personal and professional development opportunities
  • Financial incentives
  • The chance to make a real difference