High Harm Crimes Targeted in Operation Celcius

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Officers across the Metropolitan Region have arrested and summonsed 3166 offenders over 5063 charges as a result of a city-wide blitz on high-harm offences in the community.

Under the umbrella of Operation Celsius, each Metropolitan Region District was tasked to identify issues that were causing their local communities significant harm and to then find a policing response to address these matters.

“Officers in every district stood up to this challenge – the overall result is impressive but more to the point these local operations have disrupted criminal behaviour that was disrupting peace in our neighbourhoods,” Metropolitan Region Acting Assistant Commissioner Craig Donaldson said.

“These crimes can seem insignificant – they can get lost in statistics and are frankly the day-to-day business of policing. But these crimes matter to the victims, they matter to law-abiding citizens in our community, and they matter to us.”

In Joondalup, a group of thieves stole more than $20,000 of alcohol from bottle shops in Perth’s northern suburbs. Investigations conducted by Joondalup Detectives led to the arrest of six people who were charged with 62 stealing offences.

Wembley Police charged a man who allegedly stole personal items that had been left unattended in vehicles as people visited the resting place of loved ones at Karrakatta Cemetery.

“Small businesses have been victims of this offending behaviour. Law-abiding citizens going about their daily business have been victims,” Mr Donaldson said.

“Offenders have little regard for the impact they have on their victims and some commit crimes across the entire Metropolitan Region. These criminals are firmly in our sights.”

Mr Donaldson said Celsius also served as a reminder to the public of simple steps that could be taken to reduce crime, such as removing valuable items from unattended vehicles and securing homes by locking doors and windows.

“We all have a part to play in reducing crime in our community and I want to reassure the public that our officers are working hard to meet their end of this bargain,” he said.

Operation Celsius at a glance:

  • Commenced December 2018, concluded June 2019
  • Activities included formation of local taskforces, engagement with specialist support and high-visibility proactive patrols.
  • By way of example, crime issues could include recidivist offender, problem area or specific crime type. 

Anecdotes from Operation Celsius

  • Reduction in reported robbery and assault offences following proactive operations in Perth Cultural Centre targeting anti-social behaviour.
  • Fremantle Police charged a 15-year-old male over drug offences prior to a concert that attracted a largely teenage audience.
  • Mirrabooka Police charged a 22-year-old man with 25 charges related to theft and burglary offences that occurred across the Metropolitan Region.
  • Mirrabooka Police recovered an electric bicycle valued at $11,000 from a Mirrabooka home. While making further inquiries officers located a hydroponic cannabis set-up inside the house.
  • Kwinana Police seized 1.2kg of cannabis from a Leda home and charged a 21-year-old woman over the sale of the illicit drug via social media.
  • Cannington Detectives and Police engaged in a pursuit which resulted in the arrest of three offenders over multiple matters including the theft of a vehicle and a ram raid.