International Recruiting Campaign

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International Recruitment Campaign

The Police Recruiting Team is targeting the best possible applicants while delivering a realistic job preview to applicants from policing agencies in London, Manchester, Scotland and Ireland. 

The feedback has been very positive with committed, professional police officers keen to join the WA Police Force.

The below feedback was received from a potential WA Police Force officer!

“I am writing to commend your staff involved in the current International Recruitment campaign. I am a serving officer in the UK and applied in October last year. This is an amazing opportunity that my family and I have wanted for years. I have personally emailed WAPOL several times over the years, unfortunately until now it has not been possible.

I have recently attended the information sessions held in London. My family, including my two sons, were welcomed by your representatives. I cannot highlight enough the professionalism, determination and hard work that each of them displayed. Further to this I know there are a lot of people in the background working tirelessly to progress the vast number of applications you are receiving. It is clear to me as a applicant that each of them represent WAPOL in a fantastic way, each appearing very proud, positive and professional.

My children were there and everyone was so kind and welcoming it was like having a chat with family members in my living room. You should be very proud of them.

From a personal perspective it was clear to me that WAPOL are just as keen to get the applicants to Perth at the earliest opportunity in order to assist in keeping the communities safe. By listening to those who have done the transition themselves, it is clear that you live in a wonderful State and have a lot of amazing opportunities. Being able to do the job I love and support people in the community by listening and working together to achieve positive things, while giving my children a fantastic future, I cannot express my thanks enough.

It is clear to me that the endless hours that Deputy Commissioner Whiteley, Commander Kate Taylor, Superintendent Dom Wood, Senior Sergeant Mick Print, Sergeant Andrew Dueman, Sergeant Tanya Tidey and the WA Police Communication Officer Courtney Atkinson have spent working on this project. The professionalism that each has shown impressed me immensely. I commend each for their diligence, self-motivation to reply to personal matters I have had relating to this process, as well as their dedication which has been very inspirational and makes me feel confident about the journey I am in embarking on with WA Police as a future employer. I hope to join the family ASAP.

I have now placed my property on the market, I am that excited and hope to build great things with you all.

My youngest son was that impressed he wanted to buy a little souvenir in London and called him ‘Duey’. (Albeit I think the Tim Tams helped.)”

If you know someone interested in a career with the WA Police Force encourage them to visit Let’s Join Forces.