Keep Your Vessel and Property Safe with Marine Watch

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Water Police boat Cygnet V in front of Perth city

With the arrival of winter weather, boat owners tend to spend more time on dry land… Can’t blame them!

This traditionally makes vessels more of a target for thieves as boats are left unattended for extended periods in pens or front yards.

This is where the Marine Watch program comes in.

A program within Neighbourhood Watch, Marine Watch is about preventing crime in and around the boating community. It encourages boat owners to get to know their neighbouring mooring or pen users as a means of increasing the level of supervision of boats and the surrounding environment.

Part of the Marine Watch effort includes developing updated guides – a fold-up, fit-in-your-pocket booklet containing crime prevention and safety advice.

Water Police Officers will be distributing these guides through face-to-face contact with boat users and yacht clubs, and providing them to coastal police stations.

Water Police is encouraging boat owners to reduce their risks by taking these basic steps to protect vessels and property:

  • record all details of your boat and equipment - including serial numbers - and keep in a safe place,
  • mark any valuable items with an engraver or UV pen with your driver’s licence number,
  • fit an anti-theft device to your trailer,
  • fit a quality lock to your boat,
  • remove all valuable items from your boat when you leave it unattended, including all alcohol,
  • consider fitting a quality alarm to your boat,
  • take your keys with you when leaving the boat, and
  • use a key float.

Report all suspicious behaviour and incidents to WA Police via the Crime Stoppers website or on 1800 333 000.