King's Birthday honours for police

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View of the medals.

Four outstanding Western Australia Police Force officers have been acknowledged with Australian Police Medals in the 2024 King’s Birthday honours.

Assistant Commissioner Arlene Mavratsou

Assistant Commissioner Arlene Mavratsou joined the Western Australia Police Force in 2020 after serving other law enforcement intelligence services across Australia and United States. She was promoted to the rank of Assistant Commissioner and was the first public servant appointed by the Governor to a commissioned officer rank in the WA Police Force.

She has had a profound impact on law enforcement and tactical intelligence, overseeing both day to day operations and long-term policing objectives, whilst consistently contributing to agency and government priorities to enhance community safety and effective law enforcement outcomes, both nationally and internationally.

AC Mavratsou is an accomplished leader, evident in many of her key achievements, such as leading the design and implementation of the agency’s new Intelligence and Data Analytics functions. Her vision embedded a Tactical Intelligence culture focused on "working better together", applying the Identify, Locate Associate (ILA) principles.

She consistently achieves outstanding results through strategic initiatives, leading the intelligence and data reform for the agency, and designing and delivering ILA training courses that effectively demonstrate the value of intelligence within law enforcement. She has also enhanced the capability within "Rapid High Harm Offender Response" teams across the state by embedding tactical intelligence analysts within multi-disciplinary operational teams, resulting in significant volume crime reductions.

Other notable accomplishments include implementing new frontline operational technological solutions, providing modern crime solving tools and equipment to assist the frontline. These have since played crucial roles in helping solve many high-profile crimes and historical cases.
AC Mavratsou is a highly-respected and visionary leader who has left an indelible mark on law enforcement and tactical intelligence. She consistently achieves high-end results and exemplifies unwavering commitment to community safety and the relentless pursuit of excellence in law enforcement, making her a deserving recipient of the Australian Police Medal.

Superintendent Craig Parkin

Superintendent Craig Parkin joined the Western Australia Police Force in 1986 as a Cadet, dedicating more than 37 years of distinguished service to the community as he undertook many policing roles across the State.

Supt. Parkin played a crucial role in Operation Regional Shield, effectively addressing youth-related crime in multiple Kimberley sub-districts. His actions mitigated significant risks and improved officer safety, decreasing various high-harm offences such as burglary, motor vehicle theft and aggravated vehicle aggression against police and the community. His leadership accentuated operational efficiency, high standards, and proactive policing methodologies.

Supt. Parkin’s exceptional performance during the State of Emergency in the Pilbara and Kimberley Districts, particularly with Remote Aboriginal Communities, showcased his outstanding leadership. He established strong partnerships across the government and private sectors, addressing community needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

He has built strong partnerships, not only within the WA Police Force, but also with various government agencies and community stakeholders. He is a well-respected community leader among other Regional Directors and Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations.  

Supt. Parkin's dedication extended to road policing, ensuring patrols were aligned with intelligence and district targets. He emphasised youth engagement, community patrols, and referrals for at-risk youth, making the Kimberley District a safer place.

As the District Emergency Coordinator, he played a pivotal role in supporting the Department of Fire and Emergency Services as the Hazard Management Agency in combatting the Kimberley Flooding in December 2022 and January 2023, caused by Tropical Cyclone Ellie.

His leadership in the Kimberley District has been exemplary, and under his control the reduction of crime in the Kimberley area has been significant. This has been recognised by the Police Executive, local government and the community. 

Supt. Parkin has consistently demonstrated exceptional professionalism, leadership and dedication throughout his career, making him a worthy recipient of the Australian Police Medal.

Brevet Senior Sergeant Karyn Meyer 

Brevet Senior Sergeant Karyn Meyer joined Western Australia Police Force in 2012, transferring to Laverton Police Station two years later. In 2017, she was deployed to the Warburton MFPF, where her experience, knowledge and skills proved invaluable in building trust with the local women. She helped provide critical support around safety for women and children, empowering the community to make positive changes around family violence, including perpetrator accountability.

Brevet S/Sgt Meyer established a strong collaborative partnership with NPY Women’s Council and the local Women’s Leadership Group. Since those partnerships and strategies were implemented, family violence in the area reduced by 60 percent and Breaches of Family Violence Restraining Orders reduced by 80 percent in the same period.

In 2022, Brevet S/Sgt Meyer was appointed as the first female Officer in Charge of Blackstone MFPF, and established the Warburton Women’s Leadership Group. She is also the Chairperson of the Warburton Inter-agency Meetings group and Warburton Local Drug Action group. She implemented a Delayed Engagement Strategy, putting in place diversionary initiatives to prevent youths re-offending. She obtained over $45,000 in funding for the Warburton Local Drug Action Group, including the Safe4Kids Child Abuse Prevention Program, and the Women’s Leadership Group “Safe Space” art project within the station.

As a result of her installing a Restorative Justice Youth Diversion, the volume of crime continued to trend downwards, as most of the offending youths were diverted and not facing any further formal police or official justice sanctions. This local youth diversion initiative increased community confidence, building mutual trust, care and respect within the community.

Throughout her career, Brevet S/Sgt Meyer has made a significant contribution to the WA Police Force and the communities of Regional Western Australia with her leadership, initiatives and dedication to her duty. She is considered a worthy recipient of the Australian Police Medal.

Senior Constable Bevan O’Donnell 

Senior Constable Bevan O’Donnell has served the Western Australia Police Force for almost 20 years, initially as an Aboriginal Police Liaison Officer (APLO) before transferring to become a police officer in July 2007.

Through his work as an APLO and police officer, he has excelled at helping local indigenous people who have needed additional support and guidance. He is always willing to assist, either on or off duty, and is well respected by the local indigenous groups in Midland and the wider community.

In 1987, along with his three brothers, he helped establish the Walley Bates Memorial Boxing Club in Midland. The club helps teach young men and women the disciplines of boxing, and many of the youths attending have since become leaders amongst their peers.

SC O’Donnell is actively involved with the Moorditi Maaman (Strong Men) Group in Midland, which was established to support local Aboriginal men who were struggling in many facets of their life.

Whilst stationed at Forrestfield Police Station, SC O’Donnell was instrumental in Project ‘Dismantle’, funded through the local council. This program brought together indigenous and other cultures over a six-week period to re-assemble and fix broken bicycles, so they could be returned to local children and charity groups.

SC O’Donnell often goes above and beyond his remit as a police officer, liaising with various agencies to help identify and support elderly indigenous people who do not have the ability to leave home or access local services. His efforts ensure those vulnerable members of the community are kept safe.

SC O’Donnell has a wonderful ability to work across the cultural divide, providing a compassionate policing service to vulnerable members of our community.

His significant contributions to the WA Police Force, with his specialised skills and knowledge, makes him a worthy recipient of the Australian Police Medal.