Multi-agency search and rescue training exercise

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A man being lowered from a helicopter over the ocean.

WA Water Police recently delivered a multi-agency search and rescue training exercise on the waters off Fremantle.

The exercise was attended by maritime personnel from the Department of Transport, DFES Maritime Command and the Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development (Fisheries), and was well supported by volunteers from the metropolitan marine rescue groups.

In all, ten vessels took part in the exercise, with the RAC Rescue helicopter involved overhead.

The exercise not only provided critical training for all agencies involved, but a chance for all those in attendance to share knowledge and ideas with the best in the business!

Exercise aid Billy Blue had a lucky escape after he was found in the water requiring critical medical assistance, and was winched from the rescue vessel by R651 and transported to hospital.

This training ensures WA Water Police and our partner agencies are well placed to respond to emergencies on the water.