Naloxone Pilot Project

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Commencing Thursday, 1 July 2021, WA Police Force will take part in a 12-month trial which will see selected police officers from the Perth metropolitan area and Bunbury equipped with the life-saving Naloxone drug. 

The carriage of Naloxone by police not only provides the opportunity for officers to save lives in the community, it also offers safety for officers who may be exposed to highly toxic illicit drugs such as fentanyl and its derivatives. The ready access of Naloxone during such circumstances can potentially be a lifesaving intervention.

We are the first law enforcement agency in Australia and the southern hemisphere to take part in the trial which will see around 300 officers in Perth and Bunbury be equipped with the nasal-administered spray. 

Law enforcement agencies in Europe, the UK and the US which have opted in to be involved have told of countless incidents where their officers have saved the lives of members of the public, and also situations where they have been required to administer naloxone to fellow officers who have been exposed to opioids during the search for, or processing of illicit drugs.