National Road Safety Week 2023

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Drive So Others Survive - National Road Safety Week 2023

Every year, around 1,200 people are killed and another 44,000 seriously injured on Australian roads. 

Traffic injuries are the biggest killer of Australian children under 15 and the second-biggest killer of those aged 15 – 24 years.

These numbers are growing but are also preventable if road users Drive So Others Survive!

National Road Safety Week is an initiative by the Safer Australian Roads and Highways (SARAH) Group, partnering road safety organisations and Government. The week highlights the impact of road trauma and ways to reduce it.

Western Australia is the host state for this year’s National Road Safety Week.

The national launch will be held on Sunday 14 May 2023 at Government House. The Western Australia Police Force is proud to back this initiative to reduce road trauma.

Each day follows a different theme and you can see these here.

A Road Safety Youth Summit, aimed at emerging drivers in years 10-12, will be held at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre on Wednesday 16 May to highlight the road safety message to future road users.

As at 9 May, 54 people have lost their lives on Western Australian roads this year which is an increase on 2022.

By working together to promote and enforce road safety, the WA Police Force aims to reduce the number of people who are killed or injured on our roads and the associated trauma which is felt by family, friends and the community. All staff are encouraged to promote the message, take the pledge and save lives now and into the future.

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