New TRG vessels ordered

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RHIB WA Police

Two new vessels have been ordered for the Tactical Response Group (TRG) to ensure their capability to respond to high-risk maritime incidents, including situations where police are required to board a vessel at sea for law enforcement or counter-terrorism purposes, is maintained.

The two new ‘Rigid-Hulled Inflatable Boat (RHIB)’ vessels will replace the existing RHIBs which are reaching the end of their operational life, with the older of the two already 15 years old, and ensures the water operations capability that is currently held is maintained into the future.

While working in any hostile environment presents a number of challenges and risks to police officers, responding to such threats on the water creates additional risks that requires specialist skills and training to make that response the safest it can be. Whether it be the insertion of Tactical Swimmers to execute a search warrant, the protection of critical infrastructure, or the tactical response to an armed offender threat, the TRG water operations capability can be deployed anywhere in the state.

The deployment of Tactical Operators to suspicious vessels, including those suspected of being involved in the transportation of illicit drugs, can be a dangerous task and modern, reliable vessels are critical to ensuring the safety of TRG officers and the community.

The new TRG vessels are a $1.3 million investment and are being built by local WA boat builder Kirby Marine. They will be delivered to the TRG next year.