New lifesaving tool added to police kits

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A hand holding another hand.

Police officers are adding a new lifesaving tool to their kit, in the form of a rapid opioid overdose treatment.

Naloxone is a quick, easy-to-administer medication which temporarily reverses the effects of drugs such as heroin, oxycontin and fentanyl.

A year-long trial - which ran from 1 July 2021-30 June 2022 - saw 365 WA Police Officers become the first police in the southern hemisphere to carry Naloxone.

During that time, the nasal spray was successfully used to treat 20 drug-affected people in the Perth and Bunbury regions. More than 500 WA Police Officers have now been trained in how to administer the fast-acting medication.

Naloxone also provides additional safety for officers should they encounter highly toxic opioids during the search for, or, processing of illicit drugs.

NSW and SA authorities have approached the WA Police Force for advice as they consider similar programs.