New Role Providing Protection

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Protective Service Officer
WA Police is excited to announce we are now recruiting for a new position – Protective Service Officers.  This is your opportunity to become the new face of government security - by contributing to community safety. 

Protective Service Officers will be uniformed, armed officers with select powers while on duty providing security services to various government and police locations around the metropolitan area. 

Detective Inspector Steve Post (Security Operations Division) is confident the new officers will deliver a greater level of safety and security to key locations.  “Frontline police officers will no longer be required to perform duties at Parliament House,” he said. We will recruit, select, train and deploy officers whose sole responsibility will be to provide protective services to key locations. And by having consistent staff focused on providing a high level of security, police officers can concentrate on the many other tasks required of them to service the needs of the community”.

We are looking for confident individuals who can work as part of a team, display strong communication skills with a community focused approach. If you join our team, you will be trained through a nine week course at the WA Police Academy and the best part is you will be paid while you train.

If this sounds appealing, visit Step Forward for more details.