Operation Celsius - summer enforcement campaign

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Bicycle Police on Patrol

Police Commissioner, Karl O’Callaghan, has broken with tradition for this year’s Christmas traffic campaign.

The annual blitz has been launched two weeks earlier than usual and expanded to include volume crime offending and anti-social behaviour.

State Traffic will be joined this year by officers from Metro Region, State Crime and Regional WA in a first time combined operation code-named Celsius.

Commissioner O’Callaghan said WA Police were striking earlier this summer with a strategy to get ahead of the seasonal spike in crime and traffic offending.

“We have decided to try something different. To start before ‘double demerits’ kicks in and with a more co-ordinated policing effort,” he said.

“While not every road user is a criminal, all criminals are road users and this strategy will use the combined might of WA Police to exploit that.”

Celsius will focus on road offences linked to fatal and serious crashes, the volume crimes of burglary, stealing, theft and family violence as well as anti-social behaviour particularly in entertainment precincts and at planned events.

Specialist officers will support the efforts of local police by targeting related crimes such as illicit drug dealing in the suburbs.

“The activity in Perth’s southern suburbs today is a great example of how Celsius will run with officers converging on the area, locking it down and working together.

“State Traffic are conducting random alcohol and drug testing, using number plate recognition technology and flooding neighbouring streets.”

Meanwhile, State Crime’s Meth Team and local police are targeting the houses frequented by prolific offenders in those suburbs with specialist support from Mounted and Canine Units.

Celsius is different to past Christmas campaigns because the strategy involves local and specialist police engaged together in a more sustained effort until February the 5th.

Traffic resources will also be deployed to key regional locations this festive season to compliment local operations.

“Summer is a fantastic time for West Australians but it is also when we are most at risk of becoming victims of crime, anti-social behaviour or traffic tragedy,” Commissioner O’Callaghan said.

Police efforts on the ground will be supported by the second phase of the “Tougher for Crooks” advertising campaign which encourages the community to play its part in preventing crime.