Police Dog Candidate Joker

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Police Dog Joker standing in yard.

The WA Police Force Canine Section has welcomed new recruit Police Dog Candidate Joker.

In contrast to his name, Joker has a serious task ahead if he is going to achieve the status of a fully-fledged dual purpose police dog.


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Joker is a Belgian Shepherd Malinois—the most prolific variety of police dog in the world. 

Canine Capability Consultant Ben Geurts explained that selecting a puppy isn’t easy but Joker performed particularly well during testing.

“He showed good nerves, trainability and desire to play,” Mr Geurts said.

“Good nerves are essential for police dogs as it demonstrates the dog’s ability to cope with the stresses of training for and performing the role of a police dog.

“Trainability is essential for the dog to be moulded into the behaviours we require and desire to play motivates the dogs willingness to search humans and for narcotics.”

As part of his training, Joker is being exposed to lots of new situations to prepare him for a future of working in complex and dynamic environments.

“He is learning odour detection, tracking, and obedience,” Mr Geurts said. “He is being taught to be neutral to environments and not fear people.”

Joker was acquired for his impressive pedigree from Manaia K9 in Melbourne, Victoria. The dam (mother) has previously produced two police dogs as well as working dogs for other agencies, and the sire (father) is an imported German dog.

Follow Joker’s progress on the WA Police Force Facebook page and WA Police Force Instagram profile.

Joker photo gallery

Police Dog Joker being helped over fence. 

Police Dog Joker looking up at his handler. 

Police Dog Joker licking his nose. 

Police Dog Joker walking next to handler in yard. 

Police Dog Joker running in yard.