Putting WA on the International Map

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WA Police Officers and Camel

Meet the Northern Irishman policing the Western Desert in the Pilbara region of our state.

Brevet Senior Sergeant Mike Little is currently stationed at Jigalong MFPF and Sergeant Adrian McKeown at Marble Bar.


Both originally hail from the UK and they share their insights in a short video which is currently being made available internationally.


With approximately 136,000 square kilometres to cover, it’s not without some challenges – challenges which are overcome with a relaxed lifestyle, rewarding career and a meaningful involvement in the local community.


Sgt McKeown captures the essence of why his move has been a positive one when he says work in the police is work no matter where you go in the world, but it’s the lifestyle which comes with living in WA alongside the job.


“It can get busy, it can get hot, but it’s a good life here,” he said.


Watch the video and share the link within your networks here.


If you are a police officer in the Republic of Ireland, the UK or NZ and you are wanting to experience life Down Under, visit Let's Join Forces.