Remember to slow down in school zones

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Police car at sign.

We remind all motorists to reduce your speed to 40km/hr in school zones.

During one camera operation last week, 401 infringements were issued to speeding motorists.

On Thursday 22 February 2024, between 2.40pm and 4pm, approximately 1,400 vehicles passed through the crossing managed by two wardens on Stirling Highway near McNeil Street in Peppermint Grove. 

Of these vehicles, 401 (29%) sped through the school zone with 281 motorists exceeding the school zone by 10-19km/h, 26 motorists exceeded the limit by 20-29km/h and two motorists exceeded the limit by 30 to 39km/r over the 40km/h zone.

These motorists total disregard for the school zone endangers not only children, but the wardens working the crossing. One warden was clipped by a vehicle at the end of last year and is still recovering from his injuries.

“Children are vulnerable pedestrians and 40 km/h school zones are specifically designed to maximise the safety of both the children and traffic wardens,” said Commander Mike Bell, Road Policing Command.

Road Policing Group officers will continue to be deployed to the location to undertake speed enforcement duties during the new speed zone times.

Depending on the circumstances at the time, the response to speeding drivers will be a mix of education and enforcement.