Remotely Piloted Aircraft

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Drone in flight

REMOTELY Piloted Aircraft (RPA) are planned to increasingly complement existing air assets when it comes to providing aerial support to frontline officers across a range of situations.

Training has begun to expand the number of officers qualified to pilot an RPA (or drone) and among the first have been Major Crash Investigators.

In addition to assisting at serious and fatal crash sites, RPA will also be a valuable addition to homicide investigations and in locating missing persons in both land and marine search operations.

Every police officer who becomes an RPA pilot must complete a theory and practical training package which meets CASA requirements.

During the next 12 months 60 pilots are expected to undergo this training, with 40 RPAs being deployed around the State, including 14 in Regional WA.

Watch a short video (below) which shows more about the capabilities this technology brings to policing.