To Infinity and Beyond

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Infinity Awards winners 2017

The WA Police Force were winners in the State Government Category of the Infinity Awards held recently.

The awards recognise innovation and excellence in recycling and waste reduction.

Previously a winner in 2014, WA Police has demonstrated continual improvement in reducing the environmental impact of its activities without impacting on operational policing outcomes.

Infinity Awards
Sustainability Project Officers Gerry Tomekova and Maria Zounis.

The flagship program involved the recycling of breathalyser straws, with almost a million straws diverted from landfill so far.

Although waste straws are light, they take up a large volume in the waste stream when deposited to landfill, and are non-degradable.

The recycling collection costs are less than waste collection costs for landfill, making the initiative a winner financially as well!

A range of other measures also contributed to the win. These include a 92% reduction in paper-towel consumption (approx. two tonnes of paper per year) through the installation of electric hand dryers, the introduction of innovative cleaning solutions which has reduced chemical use (meaning both environmental and financial savings), and a switch to more LED lighting that has lowered energy bills and drastically reduced faults and callouts – again benefitting both the environment and the bottom line.