WA Police Force Restructure Update

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Commissioner Chris Dawson presenting

The Commissioner of Police has announced details of a significant operational restructure of the Western Australia Police Force.

Commissioner Dawson said the changes will improve the way policing services are delivered to the Western Australian community.

Metropolitan Districts map
Metropolitan Districts - view full-size map

Police Districts

The number of police districts in the metropolitan area will increase from four to eight smaller, more manageable districts. They will be easily identified with the names reflecting the major centres where they are located.

The Districts will be Perth, Midland, Mirrabooka, Joondalup, Armadale, Cannington, Mandurah and Fremantle.

For the first time Armadale, one of the busiest areas in the south east corridor, will be a district in its own right.

Special resourcing considerations will be given to Perth and Fremantle to recognise the challenges of policing entertaining precincts.

There will be no change to the role and function of District Detectives.

The eight districts will better align with established local government and emergency management boundaries.

"The new district structure will provide greater connectivity and communication with police and their local community," Commissioner Dawson said.

"There will be more police officers in local police stations.”

Amalgamation of Local Policing Teams and Response Teams

This will be achieved by amalgamating local policing teams and response teams into one stream, as patrol/inquiry officers.

Officers in charge of police stations will have ownership and control of their policing resources.

They will decide how their patrol/inquiry officers are deployed and respond to the local issues in the local community.

These teams will work across the whole sub-district and across the district to support other teams working from police stations.

This new structure will be established from July.

Family and Domestic Violence Response Teams

Commissioner Dawson has also increased the WA Police Force commitment to family and domestic violence with more officers dedicated to this crime.

New Family and Domestic Violence Response Teams will be co-located in each of the eight districts.

A sergeant and six constables will be assigned to each district to tackle the most serious family violence cases.

This will mean a significant increase to the number of officers dedicated to family and domestic violence in each of the districts.

These teams will be established from August.

Regional Operations Group

The number of officers attached to the Regional Operations Group will also be significantly increased.

A Central ROG will be established at Warwick Police Station to complement ROG North and South.

ROG officers will provide tasking support to the districts and continue to respond to out of control gatherings and critical incidents.

Commissioner Dawson said the number of officers in ROG would be increased from 98 to 120.

The new Central ROG will be established from September.

Commissioner Dawson has previously announced that a State Operations Command Centre will be established to provide 24/7 oversight of all police activity across WA's 15 districts.

“The SOCC will have a particular focus on the police response to serious and critical incidents,” Commissioner Dawson said.

“It’s my vision to create an exceptional police force for the WA Community.”

“All of these initiatives combined will help provide the police force the community expects and deserves.”